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OUR Woolabel Plugin enables you Generate & Print Physical Price / Barcode Labels for your Woocommerce Products with Woolabel Plugin & a compatible direct thermal printer.

+Our plugin is compatible with direct thermal label printers that use a single continuous label feed. E.g. Zebra Direct thermal Label printers.


  • Built in barcode generator
    The plugin creates barcodes using your products SKU. Each label is customizable, options include barcode, product title and price.
  • Woocommerce POS & Other Pos Systems compatible
    The barcodes are scannable using normal barcode scanners. Making this plugin essential if you are using a Woocommerce POS system or any other POS system alongside your Woocommerce website.
  • ATUM Inventory Management plugin Compatible
    Print off barcodes for products that are in purchase orders, either individual purchase orders or multiple purchases orders via Bulk Tools. Woolabel calculates exact number of labels required.
  • Print Labels off as required
    Great for a wholesale setup. You can print labels off as required for multiple customer web orders with just a few clicks.
  • Print ALL barcode labels for your Woocommerce products
    Sorting Options include: All, 24hrs, Custom Date Range, ATUM purchase orders, Manual selection (remembers the order selected and prints in that order) and Quantity (E.g. Print labels only if more than 3 are in stock)
  • Smart Recording feature
    In the Woocommerce Orders Dashboard, the plugin records which orders have had barcodes printed for. (if you are printing them as required)

Woolabel Plugin combined with a Direct thermal printer like shown in the photos below. Can help save you lots of time and money! A must for any retail or wholesale setup.

Woolabel is the ultimate barcode generating printing product price label plugin for WordPress out there!

Live Preview Tips:

  1. Find Woolabel on left hand side on our demo site once logged in, go to settings and edit the label size you are going to use. Often direct thermal printers will have a utilities program on your computer. Make sure the size of the labels is the same in the settings page and your printers settings on your computer. View the live preview at the bottom of Woolabel’s settings page as you make custom changes.
  2. Go back to main Woolabel page on our demo site and select one product to do a test print. Success? Great.
    If it was a fail, please go back to the settings page and make sure the live preview looks correct and that any changes you made were saved. The default setting is for 45 x22mm labels.
  3. Please use our contact page if you require further help in printing using our live preview demo site.