Generate & Send QR Code Event Tickets inside a PDF via email after a purchase has been made by your customers on your Woocommerce website. The vendor can validate the customer’s ticket at the event by scanning the customers QR code ticket.

For example if you sold tickets to a party or for another example is a bus ride. You can scan the qr code ticket as the customers arrive (use any free qr code scanner app) to see if its valid or not. Once the customers QR Code ticket is scanned it becomes invalid, to avoid the customer trying to use ticket twice). (our plugin does the work behind the scenes so they cannot try to use the same ticket twice)LIVE DEMO

Created PDF ticket with QR Code:

Created PDF ticket with QR Code

How It Works:

Step 1: You can email event tickets manually or automatically on a new order (auto enabled by default).
You can always adjust this and QR code size and font title in SettingsSettings
Step 2: Your customer receives the QR Code Ticket by email and can download/open the PDF ticket for presenting to the vendor when its time to check-in at the event.
Step 3: When the customer arrives to check-in at the event. They present their QR Code ticket on their mobile phone. The vendor scans the QR code ticket to validate the customer ticket to the event. The Vendor can use any free QR code scanning app on their phone and while logged in as an Administrator to their own website, can validate each ticket by QR scanning it. After a QR code ticket scan our plugin changes the status of the ticket to Used/invalid. During the scan you can also check the information about the customer.
Valid QR Code Event ticket Used QR Code Event ticketClick Here to try our Demo Version

Our Clients:

Last Version – 1.0.7

  • Licence billed annually. Free plugin updates with an active subscription

  • Licence is for installation and plugin use on one website.
    Extended Licence is for Website companies/Developers that may install it on more than one of their clients websites.

    Licence billed annually. Free plugin updates with an active subscription