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Our new QR Code Stock Inventory Management plugin enables you to generate & print QR codes for each Woocommerce product and when scanned by your phone you can view the current stock level and if needed adjust the quantity with simple decrease/increase buttons. (see below)  This plugin is perfect for warehouse settings and streamlining stocktakes.




1. Benefits / Features

  • Generate and create QR codes for all your WooCommerce products
  • Customize QR code size, colors, and style
  • Add additional fields to QR codes, such as product title, price, and SKU
  • Quick stock level updates using a mobile app
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce and WordPress dashboard
  • Print QR codes individually or in bulk for products and orders

2. How It Works

  1. Install and activate the QR Code Stock Inventory Management plugin.
  2. Access plugin settings by navigating to the WordPress dashboard, then click on “Settings” and “QRCSIM”.
  3. Customize the QR code settings (size, colors, style, and additional fields).
  4. Save the settings for QR Code Stock Inventory Management.
  5. Go to Orders and click on the “QRCSIM Print QR Code” button in the “Actions” column.
  6. View the generated QR codes for all products in the order and click “Print”.
  7. Scan the printed QR codes using a QR code scanning app on your mobile phone to manage stock inventory levels.

3. Visual Guide

General Settings: Default setting is Change order quanity when scanned but there is other options avaiable too.

General settings



Print Settings:

Print settings

Product Print:

Product print

QR Code Settings:

QR Code settings

After you scan a products QR Code: It lets you view and adjust its quanity.


4. Last Version

Version: 1.0.0

For any further assistance or questions, please visit our Contact Pagequantity

  • Licence billed annually. Free plugin updates with an active subscription

  • Licence is for installation and plugin use on one website.
    Extended Licence is for Website companies/Developers that may install it on more than one of their clients websites.

    Licence billed annually. Free plugin updates with an active subscription