Regular Licence is for installation and plugin use on one website. Extended Licence is for Website companies/Developers that may install it on more than one of their clients websites. If you want free updates for life, please choose the correct licence option.

  1. Deactivate and delete free version
  2. Download premium version from or CodeCanyon Downloads tab
  3. Upload and activate premium plugin version
  4. Go to the new menu item – Woolabel -> Settings and setup according to your label size and press Save
  5. Enjoy Woolabel premium version

It can be used only with QR-Code barcode type and only one decrease action per label.

How it works:

  1. Set checkbox “Replace SKU with decrease QTY link?“. Also, set QR code barcode type, and adjust width and height according to label size.
  2. NOTE: QTY will be decreased only for products with enabled “Manage Stock” and QTY > 0
  3. Print labels and stick it to products (for example)
  4. Scan barcode via app on mobile phone, we recommend this one APP for Android , and open link
  5. You will be redirected to your website, and will see the result
  1. Go to Woolabel -> Settings and check checkbox SKU Add-on Text, then click Save
  2. With this you can add custom text to each product, go to Products -> Edit (product)
  3.  Locate Product data tabs, “Inventory” Tab and type custom text for this edited product
  4. Go to main Woolabel page and print this product label
So as the result will be displayed on the screen in pixels, and they aren’t metric units in the real world and they depend on the dpi / ppi then perhaps you will need to adjust these settings after printing
  1. On Print Page you need set Margins to None
  2. Close the window with Cancel,  and press Print again

Check our filters list in last FAQ item “FILTERS SAMPLES”

It’s because by default WooLabel using ‘manage_options’ permissions for all selected user roles in settings, maybe selected role doesn’t have this capability.

You can easily change this by using filter: wpblp_users_caps.

Sample can be found in “FILTERS SAMPLES (Premium)?” FAQ Item

You can check more information about roles capabilities by this links:

  1. WordPress Roles Capabilities
  2. WooCommerce Roles Capabilities
You can remove one use by simple adding this to functions.php or Snippets plugin:

    add_filter( 'wpblp_qr_code_link_save_hash', function( $value ){
        return 1;
Actual changelog is always included in the plugin documentation. You can found it in the plugin archive.
To use add following code in the CHILD THEME – functions.php file:

 * Function to replace or modify label title
 * @param string    $trim_title Trimmed label title
 * @param string    $orig_title Full length label title
 * @param int       $max_length Max length value from settings page
 * @param int       $product_id Label product ID
 * @return string   Modified title
function my_custom_woolabel_title($trim_title, $orig_title, $max_length, $product_id) {
    return $trim_title;
add_filter('wpblp_set_custom_label_title', 'my_custom_woolabel_title', 10, 4);
 * Function to add own custom fields in label based on product id
 * @param string    $custom_fields Empty string
 * @param int       $product_id    Label product ID
 * @return string   String with HTML code (custom fields or other info)
function my_custom_woolabel_fields($custom_fields, $product_id) {
   return $custom_fields;
add_filter('wpblp_set_custom_label_fields', 'my_custom_woolabel_fields', 10, 2);
 * Function to replace or modify QR code label text
 * @param string    $label_qr_text  QR code label text
 * @param int       $product_id     Label product ID
 * @param string    $sku            Label product SKU
 * @param string    $sku_addon_text Label SKU Addon text
 * @param string    $trim_title     Trimmed label title
 * @param string    $orig_title     Full length label title
 * @param int       $max_length     Max length value from settings page
 * @param string    $price          Product Price
 * @return string   Modified title
function my_custom_woolabel_qr_code_text(
) {
    return $label_qr_text;
add_filter('wpblp_set_custom_qr_code_text', 'my_custom_woolabel_qr_code_text', 10, 8);
 * Function to add own custom selector product title in selector box
 * @param string    $title         Selector product title
 * @param int       $product_id    Product ID
 * @return string   Modified title
function my_custom_woolabel_selector_product_custom_title($title, $product_id) {
   return $title;
add_filter('wpblp_set_custom_select_products_box_title', 'my_custom_woolabel_selector_product_custom_title', 10, 2);
 * Ajax Selector Query modification
 * @param array    $args       Original Query
 * @param array    $params     Query parameters with descriptions
 * @return string  Modified Query
function my_custom_woolabel_selector_custom_query($args, $params) {
   return $args;
add_filter('wpblp_set_custom_selector_query_args', 'my_custom_woolabel_selector_custom_query', 10, 2);
 * Change default capabilities for WooLabel Pages from 'manage_options' to Custom
 * @param string   $caps       Default 'manage_options'
 * @return string  Modified capabilities
function my_custom_woolabel_users_caps($caps) {
    return 'edit_pages';
add_filter('wpblp_users_caps', 'my_custom_woolabel_users_caps', 10);

You can find more information here: WordPress CODEX

You can use:

  1. ACF Plugin fields, you can use it like: [wpblp_acf name=custom_field_text], where “custom_field_text” is field ID, and only for these field types:
    • Text
    • Text Area
    • Number
    • Range
    • Email
    • URL
    • Password
  2. Custom Shortcode [your-shortcode product_id=%wpblp_id] and %wpblp_id will be auto-replaced with product simple/variation ID
  3. HTML tags
  4. Text

How to use:

  1. Create ACF Plugin Fields and fill it

2. Add it to Settings

3. Print